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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentines for Jada's class....

I took on the task this year of making homemade valentines for my daughter's class.  She has about 24 kids in her class.  I decided to do 4 different designs and make 6 of each.  I picked out my colors first and then went to my carts to find something to go with the colors.  I have got 3 of the 4 designs done and wanted to share what I got so far. 

First is my love bug one.  I wanted to keep them all simple because I have to make so many.  I used the create a critter cart, which is my favorite cart to use because you can use it for so much.  I went to hobby lobby with my mom yesterday to find a valentine stamp cause I did not have not one!!!!  I thought this stamp was a good one for kids and could be used on all of my cards.  I love the ribbon I used on this one. 
For this one I used the paisley cart for the frog.  Oh by the way, my SWEET hubby got me a early Valentine present.  I was so excited because I have been wanting it for so long.  He got me a cuttlebug!!! Yeah!  So oh course I have been using the crap out of it.  I used the polka-dot folder for the mat on this card.
For this one I just cut out a heart which I can't remember which cart I got it from.  I need a better camera I think.  None of my pictures turn out to good.  My stuff looks so much better in person.  Yet again I kept it simple.  I am still working on the fourth design.  I am using a white card with pink mat I think.  When I get it done I will post it.  Thanks for viewing my blog.  I love comments so please do be shy! 


  1. I love all of them. But of course the ladybug one is my favorit. I am making cake boxes today, 30 of them.