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Monday, January 24, 2011

Lots of new projects!

I have not post anything in a while because I have been busy working on many projects.  I have finished most of them and going to try to post all of them tonight.  To start off with my little girl wanted me to make her a bag like the one I made myself.  I let her pick out the material.  I think that it turned out too cute!  She really likes it. It is a really easy pattern that my mom got at Wal-mart.  

My next project is a picture frame I made for a friend that is adopting a little baby girl in a couple of months and her baby shower is this saturday.  She is thinking about doing her nursery in pink and brown with cupcakes.  I think it is such a cute idea so I thought I would try to make a picture frame to go along with it.  It did not turn out as good as I had hope but nothing every does.  I painted the base pink and stenciled brown polka-dots all over it.  I then used a font from one of my carts( can't remember which one) and for the cupcakes I used rock princess and doddlecharms.  I also used some cupcake stickers that I found at Michaels.  I mod podge over the whole frame.  I then added a brown and pick ribbon to the top but not sure if I am going to keep it there or not.   
I will post the last project in a few, the missionaries just stopped by so I don't have time to finish right now.  I hope everyone enjoys what I got so far,  I know I enjoyed making them. 

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  1. the picture frame turned out so cute. she will love it. and all of your other things are great. I think you are better tha me.:(